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All in: An ocean for a dollar

‘All in’ – An ocean for a dollar

Strategic Futures and Oceans Policy: Future Seascapes New Zealand.

In the discussion paper ‘Strategic Futures and Oceans Policy’ an oceans policy outline was constructed for New Zealand. It brings together the results of a study in 2010 and the strategic question:

‘To develop a framework to guide management of ocean resources in the New Zealand EEZ over the next 50 years to support sustainable and economically viable growth’.

LINK: Strategic Futures

Resourcing and Energising Trust: Industry, the Public and the Regulator and Accessing Marine Natural Resources

The present study provides an overview of the link between consultation and good governance in developing a collaborative strategy for management of the New Zealand Exclusive Economic Zone.

We compare information and consultation requirements under the regulatory system in Australia for offshore petroleum developments under NOPSEMA with those in New Zealand. To overcome the perception of environmental uncertainty in the development of both onshore and offshore petroleum resources, possible solutions are highlighted.

CONFERENCE PAPER LINK: Creating Three-way Trust

Perspectives on Effects-based Management of New Zealand Exclusive Economic Zone Resources

Adoption of effects-based management, environmental effects-based management (EEM) or ‘learn as we go, is essential to open up access to all of New Zealand’s Maritime Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) resource base into the future.

  • New Zealand Exclusive Economic Zone resource development is examined.
  • Effects-based management is dependent on adoption of ‘learn as we go’.
  • Security of Access requires taking stock of lessons from the past.
  • Stakeholder buy in requires public backing for development of government ideals.
  • Ensuring that social values do not limit development is critical.

PUBLICATION LINK: Perspectives on Effects-based Management 

Development of Management Frameworks and Construction of Collaborative Strategies for Oceans Governance in New Zealand

Differing and conflicting philosophies, drivers, statutory gaps, and implementation difficulties need to be overcome in achieving improvement in oceans governance of the New Zealand (NZ) maritime Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

The four regulatory themes of environmental protection, indigenous rights, maritime security, and adaptive management are discussed in this regard.

WORKING PAPER LINK: New Zealand maritime Exclusive Economic Zone

Today’s Yellow Emperor and Sun Tzu: A Strategic Assessment and Lessons for New Zealand

Despite the writings of Sun Tzu being developed a few thousand years ago they are still equally valid today. Today New Zealand may improve its ability to create wealth in an era of accelerating global change and social upheaval by better understanding the application of the concepts of Sun Tzu. 

ESSAY LINK: A Strategic Assessment and Lessons for New Zealand

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